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Los Adventures

Latest Adventures

  • Across The Frontier: The Ultimate Alaskan Road-Trip

    Across The Frontier: The Ultimate Alaskan Road-Trip

    What’s alluring about Alaska is also what’s intimating. Its animals: extraordinary but dangerous. Its terrain: breathtaking but savage. Its size: vast but near unimaginable to urbanites like us. We wanted to take on the challenge of Alaska, experiencing its expanse by driving 1200-miles across its interior and coast, stopping at 3 national parks along the way.

  • Best Podcasts for Road-trips

    Best Podcasts for Road-trips

    Those us of with long commutes can asset that driving and podcasts are a perfect match. And while a open stretch of highway begs for a classic rock playlist, there are parts of a road-trip where podcasts are better than tunes.

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Day Trips:

Easy adventures in and around Los Angeles

  • 4 Day Trips From Los Angeles

    4 Day Trips From Los Angeles

    Palos Verdes, Vasquez Rocks, Big Tujunga Canyon and Point Dume are lesser visited, but gorgeous locations that are a short drive away from the Los Angeles city center. So next time you have a free Saturday afternoon, check out these 4 destinations.

  • Finally, We Stopped at Vasquez Rocks

    Finally, We Stopped at Vasquez Rocks

    If you live in Los Angeles and you take road trips, you’ve definitely seen, talked about or photographed Vasquez Rocks. It’s the place you see as you drop back into the the Los Angeles basin after coming back from anywhere in Eastern Sierras or Death Valley...

  • Day Trip → Palos Verdes

    Day Trip → Palos Verdes

    There's a beautiful bit of coastline in Palos Verdes. The weathered cliffs, tide pools and sea caves are reminiscent of Montaña de Oro. At only 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, Palos Verdes is a good stand-in for the Central Coast for a weekend day trip.

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Long Weekends:

Where to travel, camp and explore over a 3-day weekend

  • 5 Swimming Holes in Sequoia National Park

    5 Swimming Holes in Sequoia National Park

    Giant sequoias, granite peaks and tons of swimming holes - could Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park get any better. Here are picks for the best places to swim in and around Sequoia National Park.

  • Monterey: A Love Story

    Monterey: A Love Story

    Across the street from the bitter-cold waters in Monterey Bay is the only hotel we've ever stayed at twice. In fact, we've made Lover's Point Inn our home-base for our annual new year's trips for the past 4 years. It's 80 bucks a night, overlooks the ocean and, most importantly, is in one of our favorite places in the world: Monterey, California.

  • 4 Ways to See Louisiana Swampland

    4 Ways to See Louisiana Swampland

    We were no less giddy the third time we took the pontoon out onto the Atchafalaya River. It was after dark. The best view of the milky way was up the river, away from the light of the wedding reception...

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Our favorite places outside of California

  • City Guide: New Orleans

    City Guide: New Orleans

    "She was born in New Orleans" Leon Bridges sang softly to himself as he passed us on Royal Street in the French Quarter. He was led by two well-dressed women, both photographers, pausing under the best wrought iron doorways to shoot his portrait. In part 2 of our series on New Orleans, we stroll through the many neighborhoods, eateries and bars in New Orleans.

  • 24 Hours in Manhattan

    24 Hours in Manhattan

    In Los Angeles, you'll see a few non-native trees change, but nothing like the brilliant parade of orange maples and red oaks in Illinois. But not all is lost; our Eastern Sierras are filled with aspens.

  • Staying Wild in Denali National Park

    Staying Wild in Denali National Park

    “This is a driver’s worst nightmare”, our shuttle driver exclaimed when a yearling caribou wandered onto the road in front of the bus. Denali National Park and Preserve is 6 million acres of wilderness divided by a single road – this road – which after Mile 15...

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Tips, guides and Los Adventures approved trails

  • Exploring the Big Island: Volcano (Part 1)

    Exploring the Big Island: Volcano (Part 1)

    Poolside cabanas, decadent luaus and mai tais on the beach are all standards of a traditional Hawaiian honeymoon. What follows is the opposite (well, except the mai tai). On our grand adventure, we opted to explore some of the rugged and raw parts of the...

  • 5 Best Leg-Busting Los Angeles Hikes

    5 Best Leg-Busting Los Angeles Hikes

    Summer’s coming up quick! For us that means scorchingly hot hikes followed by beach lounging - aka showing lots of skin. So, if you’re like us, we are prepping for bikinis and shorts with our favorite leg-busting hikes.

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