When the weather finally dips below 70, it’s time again to pick up hiking in the San Gabriels.

The mountain range lies between the LA basin and the Mojave desert. For LA hikers, it’s commonly divided into two sections: the Low Gabriels and the High Gabriels. Most of the High Gabriel peaks, including the highest peak Mt. San Antonio (aka Mt. Baldy), are best for summer hiking, as their summits are snow covered most of winter.

The Low Gabriels, especially those right outside Pasadena, are scorchingly hot in summer, and are avoided by Ryan and I in favor of the coastal Santa Mountain mountains from May through September. I guess instead of a summer house, we have a summer mountain range.

With summer gone, and fall in full swing, let’s bag some peaks in the Low San Gabriels.

Peak Bagging Trail (Aka Redbox to Mt. Lowe, as seen on Modern Hiker)

Peak #1 Mt. Disappointment
Peak #2 San Gabriel Peak
Peak #3 Mt. Markham
Peak #4 Mt. Lowe

Do one, some or all!