Weekend Trip: LA → Montana De Oro

It’s about that time of year when the Los Adventures family starts to get a little adventure hungry. It’s that long stretch of the year where there are no nationally instituted 3-day weekends. The temperatures are rising and the “buckling-down” resolution is long gone.

Enter Montaña De Oro State Park, rugged coastline and sheer bluffs dotted with wildflowers just a few hours away.

A key feature of a great park is variety. Montaña de Oro has rich tidepools, giant sand dunes and picturesque coastal cliffs, but it’s eucalyptus groves and backbone trails are equally epic.

montana-del-oro-4Montana Del Oro Photo 2montana-del-oro-1montana-del-oro-5

Must-see Side Trip: Point Buchon

While it’s not part of the state park, in fact it’s private land owned by Pacific Gas, Point Buchon should be a mandatory stop. The entrance is at the end of the single road that travels through Montaña de Oro. Sign the waiver and get ready for jaw-dropping coast and hopefully, sea otter sightings.

point-buchon-1point-buchon-4point-buchon-2Point Buchon - Montana Del Oro