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How To Pack Light (But Still Look Good) | Los Adventures

How To Pack Light
(But Still Look Good)

Standing next to fellow travellers with overstuffed luggage at LAX, we wondered what could possibly be taking up so much room in their bags. We were headed to Thailand for 2.5 weeks and each had just 1 carry-on bag. And yet, even without excess clothing options, I have to say we were some of the better dressed travelers, #humblebrag.

Here are our tips to bringing less (but better) clothes on your next adventure with help from Bridge & Burn:

1. Pack climate-appropriate fabrics

Knowing the weather is key to efficient packing. We were traveling to Thailand in the hottest month of the year. To get through the heat, we loaded up with natural fabrics like linen and cotton from one of our favorite outfitters: Bridge & Burn. Natural fabrics allow air to flow, wicking away sweat. For bonus breathability, opt for shirts that you can wear half-buttoned or completely open, Anthony Bourdain style. Because it’s the tropics after all.

2. Put your favorite clothes on repeat

How many times have you come back from a trip to realize you only wore half of the clothes you packed? We’ll admit this happened to us frequently until we started being honest with ourselves on what we’d really wear. Do I really need 6 pairs of shorts? No, because, if I’m being honest, I’m going to wear my pineapple ones for half the trip. Allowing yourself to wear your favorite clothes multiple times on a trip reduces the amount you pack and increases the happiness with your outfit. And, if you followed tip 1, your staples are made with natural fabrics that will stay fresh with many wears.

2. Live by the 80/20 rule

The key to traveling light is ensuring that at least 80% of your clothing goes together. Duh, right? But it took many overstuffed bags for us to figure this one out. The easiest way to start is by color. On this trip, we mainly brought items in white, grey, navy and chambray. Yes, we brought these awesome pineapple print shorts and tropical patterned tops from Bridge & Burn because it was a beach vacation. But, we kept the prints in our color scheme – navy blue – so we could pair with anything!

4. Roll or Fold, Whatever Works For You

While everyone swears by rolling, the travel pros at Conde Nast editors favor folding as the superior method for packing. For us, it depends on where we’re going. Headed to the PNW with heavy knits and sweaters, rolling will help compact those bulky items. Beach-bound with linen shirts and tanks? We find that light layers are their smallest when folded. ▲

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